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How Unfortunate // Atticus & Cass

Cassandra Wood had been asked to write an article for an APA journal. It was an honor that nearly made her scream with delight. In fact, it did receive an excited giggle and dance that consisted mainly of several jumps into the air. She’d chosen to write a paper on exploratory drug prescription and the dangers accompanied with it. At first she wanted to write about her ventures into amnesia but she didn’t feel as though she’d made enough progress with her patients to really write a well rounded paper. Sure she could have talked about what had been done, and what she was going to continue to do but there was nothing to really prove she was a decent doctor. 

However, as she looked at the clock, the deadline approaching, word document still relatively bare, Cassandra felt nothing like a decent doctor. She wondered why she thought she had the time to write a thirty page paper in three months. It seemed easy at the time despite knowing what her schedule was like. She angrily raked her hands through her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders in a way that usually comforted her. It was of no help. She had twenty pages to do and three days to do it. 

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I now have internet in my home - let’s do this. I expect threads with all of you and plenty of OOC shenanigans. Also, Teddy/Lee can now resume

Hello my monkeys - still without internet in the new place. Very annoyed however it should be sorted by Monday. I’m at B&N now so I can’t talk too much. May be on tomorrow as I need to come back. I miss you guys! I’ll see you soon.



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My mom treated herself to the live feed of Big Brother. I’d tell her it was odd but I look forward to watching it all the time.

Also hello, I’m here.

I must admit I’m rather jealous of you! Or her. Whatever the case. 

Hello there, it seems I’m here as well.

Haha, I just worry the shows won’t be as entertaining if I see what happens already. 

How are you, Darlin?

My mom treated herself to the live feed of Big Brother. I’d tell her it was odd but I look forward to watching it all the time.

Also hello, I’m here.



Chad & Cass


“I always thought that was the point. Make them look scary, dirty, willing to do anything to get what they want - enough to scare people even when they are probably buffoons.” Chad shrugged, having found them more dirty than the scary or driven part. At her comment, his lips twitched noticeably upwards as an amused grin. “You’ll have to see, I guess - unless you want to go about framing him?” Though he was joking as he said this, Chad thought of whether he would actually do it to get rid of a less than good person.

His cigarette now lit, he took a long drag from it, the smoking escaping his lips along with a sigh. The last smoke he had gotten had, not surprising, been the last time they were here, when they first met. The fact of her breaking some sort of rule to do this was partly noticed, partly ignored. He couldn’t think of a way to ask why, nor did he think he wanted to know - Chad’s curiosity was pointed at whether others, should they find out about this particular meeting, would let their idiotic minds take it the wrong way. Before his thoughts could ramble on the subject, an easy way to annoy him, he blinked it off.

“Well… thanks. A bit different to use with so little water.” He blinked at the unsaid questions she must have wanted to ask, tilting his head as if wordlessly encouraging her to ask if she pleased. At the comment of a hose, he tilted his head and then turned away from her momentarily to find it. Once he got back, beckoning her over since the hose couldn’t go any further. “Right, I’ll show you something else.” After making sure her hands were situated, he flicked the switch on for the water and turned it off a moment later, happy none of it had splashed. “Right, it’ll be a little cold, but nothing bad. It’s more… odd when you’re holding it…” He didn’t say anything else, instead staring at the water dripping slowly from her hand. It stopped as the water froze, just a block of ice in her hand that was starting to lose the coldness at his command.  ”I didn’t know until I was about eight, nearly froze myself into the swimming pool - parents knew long before that though,” he answered slowly, honestly. 

“I think they take that ‘point’ too seriously. Although some guards pretend that they’re going to be your buddy.” The doctor shook her head, her expression showing that she thought it was ridiculous. “I know some people in here aren’t too bright but for the most part I think even those on the lower end of the intellectual spectrum would know enough to be offended by that. Those people aren’t your friends. Your friends don’t carry around sedatives and if they do you should get a new friend, one who isn’t a control freak with access to heavy duty narcotics.” Though she didn’t answer Chad’s question verbally, Cassandra flashed him a look that suggested he shouldn’t tempt her.

There was a lot she wanted to know about the man but she couldn’t really find a way to ask. It was a rare moment and an odd feeling to experience. She didn’t really care for it; she wasn’t used to not knowing how to express herself. Chad was looking at her as though he was welcoming any questions she had. Her mouth opened as though it knew something she didn’t, a way to ask him everything she wanted to know but she didn’t speak. The doctor merely licked her lips and let them touch once more, closing her mouth.

She hadn’t expected him to go get the hose but she watched him go, feeling curiosity flutter in her stomach as he returned. Cassandra granted his request and walked toward him. Not many people could have gotten her to move by suggestion. He said he was going to show her something else. As she imagined Chad pulling Iceman maneuvers and shooting icicles all around, the young woman completely missed Chad’s hands going to hers. Immediately she looked down to see him positioning her hands. He was cold, not that she was surprised. It was strange; Cassandra couldn’t remember the last time someone had touched her without trying to cause bodily harm. For a moment her hands felt as though they were burning. They weren’t; it was just her mind acting as though she’d experienced something greater than someone positioning her hands for less than two seconds. In her distraction she nearly missed the fact that Chad was putting water into her hands. She marveled as the water turned to ice. For a few moments she simply stared at her hands before looking back at the man.

The doctor was surprised that Chad was not only revealing his abilities to her but answering her in such a genuine way. Her thumb ran over the ice as though it was a coveted trinket she was unwilling to part with. “Your parents knew before you did? Can they do this too?” she asked.